Buffalo Baby Photography

Buffalo Baby Photography

This blog features a buffalo baby photography session of a family welcoming their first baby girl home. Her brothers were absolutely thrilled to have their baby sister in their arms and it really shows throughout this session. Take a look!

Buffalo Newborn Lifestyle Session

I can’t quite describe how happy I was to photography my cousin’s newborn . I’m sure she was equally thrilled about it because she had her first girl, so this was a very exciting and special time for her and her family! We talked back and forth for weeks planning their perfect session. Every detail, outfits, locations within the home, even the wall color (it wasn’t my idea lol!). Ok, backstory: The bedroom walls were a bright mustard yellow which she definitely did not love. I insisted it was something I could tone down in post-processing but painting their bedroom was long overdue from what I was told. Well, the color they chose was perfect! The muted green was beautiful and complimented the color pallet Chelsea choose, well.

Photos of the Family

This session went as well as it could have with so many young children. Let me tell you all of these youngsters were amazing! They were all so happy and willing to take photos which is not always the case with little ones. Wylder and Maverick seemed to be going with the flow while Milo was the comedian of the group. I’m sure taking a look through the gallery you’ll quickly realize who Milo is! I made the photoshoot fun and I captured each little ones’ personality perfectly.

Mom and Dad with Baby

My favorite part of this session was photographing Chelsea and Alston with Tessa. I could truly see the excitement and love in their eyes looking at their first baby girl. I’m sure Chelsea and Alston will look back on these photos with absolute joy!

Individual Photos

I always wrap up my sessions with individual photos with baby. I make it a point to get some of that one-on-one time between each parent and their baby!

To say I’m in love with how these images turned out is an understatement and the memories I personally have from documenting this important time for my cousin will hold a special place. 🧡

Thank you for taking a moment to read this blog! Looking for a newborn photographer here in Buffalo, NY? Reach out through my contact form to reserve your session!

Buffalo Baby Photography