The Terrace at Delaware Park- An Ideal Wedding Venue Rain or Shine

Are you worried about rain on your wedding day? This is definitely something you would want to think about, especially here in Buffalo. Among the many partial-outdoor venues, The Terrace is a true contender with its array of formal portrait locations and up-scale reception options! The Terrace at Delaware Park- An ideal wedding venue rain or shine.

A Delaware Park Wedding

It was a given that I would blog about my first buffalo wedding experience as a second photographer. There is something so magical about documenting one of the most important days of someone’s life. Watching all of the love unfold throughout the day isn’t something I can put into words easily, honestly. Alexander and Samantha had a genuinely deep-rooted love for each other and it really showed the more I photographed them.

Formal Portraits at The Buffalo History Museum

Formal portraits took place at The Buffalo History Museum located on the Northwest corner of Delaware Park. This  is such a great location to get a variety of backdrops. Of course, if rain is in the forecast there are plenty of options to escape the rain. That’s exactly what we ended up doing here. Just as we arrived to Delaware park for portraits, the rain set in. I captured plenty of beautiful photos of the family here!

The Reception- The Terrace at Delaware Park

Overlooking Hoyt Lake and right next to the enchanting Rose Garden, The Terrace at Delaware Park is the quintessential outdoor wedding venue. After arriving, we of course stole the bride and groom for more portraits while everyone arrived at the reception. Once we returned everyone gathered for speeches and this is when everyone’s love for Alexander and Samantha was the most evident. So many people were tearing up! I’m not a very emotional person and even I was having a hard time keeping it together. After a nice meal everyone partied the night away (and broke drinking glasses three different times, haha).

The Terrace at Delaware Park- An ideal wedding venue rain or shine.

Thank you for stopping by this blog and reading along! If you’re considering The Terrace for your wedding, I’m sure you are convinced it’s a great choice!

The Terrace at Delaware Park- An ideal wedding rain or shine.