5 Reasons Why Poplar Hill Estate is the Perfect Buffalo Outdoor Wedding Venue

Five Reasons Why Poplar Hill Estate is the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Venue

This blog features 5 reasons why Poplar Hill Estate is the perfect Buffalo outdoor wedding venue for you. This dream venue located outside of East Aurora, New York. This venue has many standout features that truly make it unique. If you’re looking for an outdoor wedding venue, read on!

#1- Rich in Charm

Of Buffalo outdoor wedding venues, the beautiful Poplar Hill Estate is at the top of the list because of its beautiful barn and large landscape. I loved the rustic details such as those gorgeous teal barn doors with the brass hardware. The barn itself lends itself perfectly to the rustic charm so many people love. And despite the season we are currently in you can just tell this venue will have eye-catching gardens that encompass the property.


#2- Top Amenities

Poplar Hill Estate offers many amenities such as accessible indoor restrooms and convenient on-site parking. Their venue rental also includes tables and chairs to accommodate parties up to 200 guests with setup and breakdown by the staff.


#3- An All-In-One Venue

Let’s face this fact: Multiple locations means there will be some serious hustling. Poplar Hill Estate is a wonderful option for brides and grooms who are looking for an all-in-one venue location. This venue has a Carriage House equipped with two sitting rooms, a private bath, and a full kitchen. As a photographer, one thing I noticed was the abundant natural lighting available. This is especially important if you are after natural light photography. This is perfect for getting ready photos! Another noteworthy feature is the man cave, located in the basement of the barn. I’m sure no groom will argue this stand-out feature!


#4- Picturesque Landscape

This venue has a lot to offer buffalo brides who are sifting through the various outdoor wedding venues, well, look no further. Poplar Hill Estate’s scenic grounds lends itself wonderfully to ceremonies because of its picturesque backdrop. Not only is this ideal for ceremonies but this is also a perk for bride and groom portraits. It’s truly a dream! Wooded areas, fields, to gardens and vintage architecture…your backdrop options are endless! You can also utilize an arbor as an alter that can be decorated to one’s liking for that special ceremonial touch.


#5- Receptions Like No Other

The reception of your dreams can happen here, easily. Poplar Hill Estate provides spacious tents to enjoy your reception dinner and the barn allows for versatile and unique options for entertainment. A wide open dance floor and a designated DJ loft overlooking the dance floor sounds like a party like no other! Did I mention the centrally located wet bar?


There are many wedding venues to decide between. Know that when you choose Poplar Hill Estate, you’ve chosen well for your wedding! You’re wedding will be perfect. Thank you for reading my blog on 5 reasons why Poplar Hill Estate is the perfect Buffalo outdoor wedding venue.