A Spring Evening at Tifft Nature Preserve

A spring evening at Tifft Nature Preserve- This blog features a sweet momma & me session with a lot of laughs and smiles. Are you considering a momma & me session? I can tell you now, it’s worth it in every way!

Momma & Me

Motherhood is such a blessing and while there are many difficulties. I think most mother’s would agree the positives highly outweigh those difficulties though. Momma & me sessions are all about celebrating the joys of motherhood. Meghan and Emily’s relationship made that notion so real. I could truly see the connection between this mother and her daughter, they were inseparable and their love for one another was evident! Meghan didn’t mind loving up on her momma and it was the sweetest thing.

Tifft Nature Preserve

This location is so gorgeous with a trail leading into open fields of grass.  It’s truly is breathtaking! There is also a board walk that leads through wetlands with various animals around, so this makes for a thrilling location for the little ones! Emily couldn’t get enough of seeing all of the ducks, haha. I love the golden light that filers through the grasses at this location, it creates some truly stunning images! Regardless of the type of session you’re looking for, there are endless possibilities when it comes to Tifft Nature Preserve.

There are so many moments and details that us mother’s try to hold on. As imperfection has it, holding onto these memories proves futile. I obviously advocate for documenting our lives! I hope this blog inspired you to document being a mother and the precious moments that make up motherhood.

A spring evening at Tifft Nature Preserve.